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Our stay at Godley Manor was simply the beginning of a few fun days in Savannah, a “bucket list” kind of thing. “Midnight in the Garden,” a catalyst for sure, proved to be so wonderful that Mercer House was the cure.  Ghosts and the Graveyards for surely do abound; the tours were truly spooky with twisted headstones all in the ground.  We walked throughout the streets and all around the squares, we ate, we drank, we trolleyed, and we bought some artist wares. The Georgia Queen was spinning all along the waterfront. Working on the tug boats and the cargo ships is hard labor we don’t want. Before we left the Godley, we enjoyed the breakfast fare. The rooms are truly gorgeous and the history we are now aware of. We’d love to come and stay once more. The road trip here was not so bad, that we would if we get the chance again. This Manor will be our crashpad! or Our son will be a SCAD-grad!

Lisamarie & Gary W. from Plano, TX